Fact Sheet

MTF Fact Sheet

MTF saves and heals lives by honoring donated gifts, serving patients and advancing science.


MTF has been involved with the recovery, aseptic processing and distribution of bone, tendons and ligaments since 1987, and with dermal tissue recovery, processing and distribution since 2005.

MTF was founded by leading academic orthopedic surgeons who identified an increasing need for high quality allograft tissue and a means to evaluate outcomes of orthopedic allograft surgery.

MTF was initially founded with the goal of increasing the availability of tissues, especially large grafts for orthopaedic oncology, through a centralized inventory of tissues. In the ensuing years, this goal has expanded to include the development of more technologically advanced tissues, which are processed from musculoskeletal tissues, adult stem cells and from skin. Affiliations with medical device companies have offered many new opportunities to ensure that the gifts of each donor are used in the most effective way possible.

To date, MTF has recovered tissue from over 115,000 donors. Since our inception we have provided over 7 million allografts to surgeons, hospitals, dentists, clinicians and their patients.


MTF is a 501(c)(3 )non-profit organization that was incorporated January 30, 1987.

MTF has 48 Academic Members and recovers tissue through an extensive network of recovery organizations that include about half of the nation’s federal designated organ procurement organizations and tissue banks.

MTF operates three tissue recovery locations in New York: Albany, Syracuse and Rochester.

MTF relies on three boards for governance: its Board of Directors, its Medical Board of Trustees and its Donation Board of Trustees.

MTF is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and the Standards and International Standards Organization (ISO).

MTF has the largest selection of allograft tissue in the nation with over 1000 allograft choices available.


MTF has a customized partnership approach with organ and tissue procurement organizations.

MTF is committed to Research and Development to ensure innovative clinical options.

MTF provides consistent and generous support for grants, fellowships, and educational opportunities awarding about $30M through 2015 in Research Grants.

MTF does not work with any independent, for-profit tissue recovery agencies.

MTF is guided in all aspects of its mission by our Board of Directors, Medical Board of Trustees and Donation Board of Trustees, not shareholders.


MTF's donor safety criteria is among the most stringent of any tissue bank.

MTF meets and exceeds industry, state, and federal standards and regulations.

MTF employs an Audit Team whose sole purpose is to routinely audit our tissue recovery partners to ensure compliance with our strict standards and protocols.

MTF does not accept donors that have been rejected by another tissue processor.